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Daigo Matsuyama was born and raised in Japan and music was always a big part of his life.

Daigo had a love for music from a young age.

He admired Japanese rock band's and his favorite, particularly was always the singer who also played the guitar.

Unfortunately he never had a passion for playing the guitar but instead embraced his vocal talents and a love for playing the piano..

And so his journey began..

At the age of 22 having fallen in love with urban contemporary music he decided to travel to NY after seeing the Apollo theater performances and the extraordinary Broadway musicals.


After a  few years had passed Daigo decided to move to the United States once and for all. 


He wanted a fresh start and a chance to live his dreams of becoming an influential musician.


Daigo began playing piano and singing seriously at the age of 26.


As of now he plays gospel at Harlem's Infinity Mennonite Church.

Daigo believes in the musical experience and just enjoys the vast musical culture without the pressure of comparisons.


He is here now and his story is just getting started...

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